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As one of the staples in the jewelry manufacturing process, you can trust the experts at Century Casting to provide you with a mold tailored to your models needs by capturing its detail, from beginning to your jewelers end.
With an array of options, we will always help you choose what’s best.

Regular Mold:

The industry standard mold, Castaldo White Label shrinkage of 2.3%


All Blue No Shrink Mold:

Mixed Mold:

To ensure your molds come out exceptional, here are a few tips you follow prior to sending us a model:

  • Prior to sending us your originals, many items should be quality checked and assured some of which are:
  • Wall Thickness: Wall thickness should be calculated to allow for shrinkage during the rubber mold process. The shrinkage percentage varies with the mold material chosen. The final choice of mold material may take into account the acceptable amount of shrinkage tolerable for the application along with the shrinkage percentage varied with the mold materials.
  • Defects: The original model should be free of defects and not only in perfect physical shape, but also of peerless artistic quality as all imperfections or blemishes in the original will be reproduced in the mold, thus in the wax and casting.
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