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CAD - CAM Printing

Our in-house state of the art CAD/CAM printers

ProJet® 3500 HDMax

High Capacity, Intricate, Detailed Waxes
The ProJet 3500 HDMax uses MultiJet Printing technology to deliver robust, durable, high quality

Solidscape® Pro

Great for Fine Detailing, Micro Pave
Solidscape® Pro accuracy produces models of intricate designs, with ultra-fine feature detail and a smooth surface finish. Produce wax parts with superior casting properties; fast meltout, no ash or residue, and no thermal expansion.

Perfactory® Standard 3D Printer

Finest Quality Printing, Non Fragile Waxes
Using state-of-the-art Direct Light Projection technology from Texas Instruments®, the Perfactory® Standard 3D Printer Family produces the finest detail in the shortest period of time. It creates 3D models that range from the conceptual to the fully functional.

ProJet 1200

Non Fragile Waxes, Ideal for Prototypes
This revolutionary micro-SLA ProJet 1200 delivers unmatched part accuracy and surface smoothness. With a 43 x 27 x 150mm (1.69 x 1.06 x 5.9 inches) print volume, the Projet 1200 prints 30 micron layers at a 585 dpi resolution resulting in fine feature-details reflecting true-to-CAD accuracy.

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