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As one of the first Platinum casters in New York City, Century Casting is considered one of the experts with its name ringing through prominent jewelry companies workshops. Family owned and operated since 1948, our mission is to preserve our reputation as a caster who respects all customers by keeping their designs confidential. Every client from a “one man gang” to the largest manufacturer is treated with the same respect and integrity.

New clients that have walked through our door have given us the same list of issues they incur with other casters; porosity, turn around time, customer service. We at Century Casting understand that a casting is a foundation. If your foundation is not solid, it’ll deteriorate overtime and that is unacceptable in the jewelry industry. We have experienced, dedicated employees with some have been with the company for over 20 years, striving to make sure every step of the casting process is perfect to ensure your original list stops with us.

With the demand for 3D printing, we have invested in several state of the art machines to tailor to the needs of our customers. Our ProJet 1200 machine is the size of a coffee maker and can print plastic waxes within the same day, it’s perfect for samples and prototypes. Clients can see and try on waxes with stones and make adjustments prior to production. Our Solidscape 3z Pro prints waxes overnight with the most complex and intricate details thus making some finishing processes such as “milgraining” not required. With EnvisionTec Perfactory and ProJet 3500 CPX joining these machines, we are able to provide a rapid turnaround time. All of these waxes can be cast with our special investment to any metal, without the need of a mold due to much time spent on Research and Development.

When you decide to end your previous casting issues with Century Casting, you’d see first hand our commitment to you. We will consistently meet and exceed your expectations of casting by eliminating porosity, eliminating your Pink Gold breaking when being worked on, eliminating your worries.

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